Tuition Information

The following is the Annual Tuition Schedule for the 2014- 2015 school year for each singer. Tuition has NOT been increased since the 2011-2012 school year. We offer a sliding scale for those who are in need of and request financial assistance.

  • Kodály Singing Classes & Melody Makers (age 4-2nd grade) $400
  • Training Chorus Programs (grades 3-5) $500
  • Concert Chorus:
    • Cantare $700
    • Cambridge Children's Chorus Cantare $300
    • BCS Fellas $700
    • Tour Choir $800


  1. Payment plans are available upon request to assist you with budgeting for your singer(s).
  2. Concert Chorus members are also responsible for an annual $30 Materials Fee. Financial assistance is awarded based on need and availability of funds. Participation in free lunch (outside of Boston) and fuel assistance programs or extenuating financial situations are the basis for being awarded

Joining Mid-Season

Should a singer join after November 1, we will pro-rate their tuition cost accordingly.

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