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Concert Chorus / Training Chorus

Auditions take place throughout the year for admittance into the Concert Chorus or Training Chorus divisions. Please call 617-825-0674 or email to schedule an audition.

Auditions will be used as the basis for determining which program would best serve the interest and needs of each singer. Should you have questions, please contact Artistic Director Jane Money at 617-825-0674 or email her at

Kodály Singing Classes or Melody Makers

No auditions are required for the Kodály Singing Classes or Melody Makers. Should people have an interest in joining these programs they should contact the appropriate chorus administrative manager (Liz Stefan for Dorchester and Jamaica Plain and Debbie Slade for Cambridge).

PLEASE NOTE: Singers moving between programs do not need to re-audition. When members reach certain ages or milestones in their choral training with Boston City Singers they will be invited to join the next program level. All placement and promotion decisions are made by the Artistic and Chorus Directors in consultation with the singer and family.

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