Boston City Singers depends upon the generous support of people who share our vision. Please send your contribution today! Your tax-deductible gift helps to develop our youth – many of whom live in Boston's at-risk neighborhoods - and support a unique cultural institution.

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$50 buys sheet music for a Training Chorus member.


$100 supports a singer's college application process.


$250 provides annual training for a Teen mentor.


$500 funds a semester for a Training Chorus member.


$1,000 provides a stipend to host a workshop leader.


$3,600 enables a Tour Choir member to participate in an international goodwill tour.


Boston City Singers is an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization. It is funded by grants, foundations, corporate and individual donations. Only 15% of the Boston City Singers' annual budget is met through tuition.

To learn more about what Boston City Singers programs provide, call (617) 825 0674 or email us at

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Boston City Singers
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